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Corner RIM 55 

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A garden edging made of 100% recycling plastic material. The unique design and builtin assembly system allow the CornerRIM 60 multi-purpose usage.


The border is divided into two elements A and B. If we join elements A and B together a straight section is created. If we alternatively join identical elements A and A or B and B, then a 90 degree angle is created.


The border in the cross-section has the shape of an angle bar, thanks to that shape we are able to cut the grass right next to the edge, moving wheels of the lawn mower on the part of the border lying on the ground without the
need for additional trimmers.


The CornerRIM 60 edging is also used as an edge to create and retention decorative stone, paving stone or GardenPUZZLE porous paving grid areas set up right next to or around the building.


The product is legally protected.

length of a product: 1000 mm

during installation use protective


during installation use protective


keep away from children  


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