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Used as a top reinforcement surface layer provides a great alternative to cobblestones, concrete or asphalt. It is made of 100% recycling plastic material.


The construction of the grille allows you to obtain interestingvisual effects, such as: green or decorative stone parking lots, driveways or walkways, garden paths and lanes, because the grille can be filled with both the substrate on which the lawn is sown, as well as small gravels or pebbles.


Effectively stabilizes the ground and prevents rutting occurrence. It allows water through into the lower layers and thanks to an ideal drainage is a perfect problem solution to worn, rutted and muddy surfaces.

The grid is lightweight and easy to set up on a puzzle basis at the same time it takes a very high load capacity, up to 16 T/m2.

length of a product: 492 x 492 mm

during installation use protective


during installation use protective



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