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GardenRAND 45 

periphery of the garden ...

Made of plastic derived from recycled, with the addition of ingredients so that is resistant to weather conditions. Basic property GARDEN RAND 45 mm used interchangeably with concrete curbs, when laying paving, tiles and concrete patio, paths which spilled a stone or sand.You can get a perfectly straight sections and obtain any shape in the horizontal plane.perfectly suited to separate the lawn from roadsides, stone, bark, thematic parts, separating pavements, paths, thematic corners.


GARDEN RAND rim is fastened to the ground using special pins RAND PEG, each one meter long edge holds up 5 fixing holes into the ground, making it adheres very well and fulfills its functions curb

length of a product: 1000 mm

during installation use protective


during installation use protective


keep away from children  


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