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head width: 120 x 120 mm 


Exclusive flower pot, looking perfect in a modern flat, living room, or office. Available in the whole color gamut, from transparent, e.g. serving as an orchid pot, to full deep colors. Unique, symmetrical shape makes the pot a delight for the eyes. Available at every good-quality florist’s and professional garden centre. 


• Unique shape The top twisted against the bottom gives the pot an interesting, eye-catching, and unprecedented shape. 


• Aesthetics Smooth and glossy surface of the walls emphasizes the exclusiveness of the pot.


• Quality The pot is produced in the process of injection, of high-quality plastic (polystyrene). Thick walls make it stiff and resistant to crash. 


• Color gamut It is possible for us to obtain virtually all pot colors, both in the case of transparent and full colors. 


• Industrial pattern The pot is registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland as an industrial pattern, which protects it from any attempt of imitation.

head height: 200 mm



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