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anchors for affixation to the ground ...

A professional, longer variety of GardenPEG. Resistant to all weather conditions. GeoPEG works well in both sandy and very hard ground. Thanks to material of appropriate stiffness, GeoPEG is rammed do the ground by means of a hammer. Anchors are indispensable for the affixation of woven agrotextile, woven geotextile, non woven geotextile, or geogrid to the ground. Acknowledged by experts, in particular by nurserymen who use it for the affixation of woven agrotextile for container cultivation. In contrast to wire pins or nails used by nurserymen, anchors are difficult to extract from hard ground, also during gale winds when woven agrotextile are empty. There was a great interest in the anchors during Zieleń to Życie (Green means Life) exhibition in Warsaw, 2013; importantly, following the exhibition, GeoPEG was mentioned in newspaper reports of ‘Hasło Ogrodnicze’ no 10/2013 and ‘Plant nursery’ no 6/2013. 

length of a product: 200 mm

during installation use protective gloves

during installation use protective glasses 

keep away from children  

keep away from children  


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