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The New Generation of Garden Rims

29 May 2018

The garden rims, that can be combined into 90 degree angles have already become reality. The GardenPlast company has developed a fastening system and production process that gives us an opportunity to produce garden peripheries, than can be used both for straight sections and 90º corners.

There are many varieties of garden edging available on the market that have a similar function and similar properties, primarily for separating the lawn from rockeries, bark and gravel. You can create straight sections, often delicate arches, but none of the edges available so far could be combined at right angles.

Here at GardenPlast, we have developed a fastening system, that can be used for both straight sections and straight corners. The set consists of two elements: A and B.


If we combine elements A and B we get a straight section,





but if we combine the same elements, A and A or B and B together, we get right angles. It’s so simple, isn’t it?




In addition, the CornerRIM has a wide horizontal edge, that allows you to ride the wheels of the mower on it, thanks to this solution when mowing the lawn, the grass is cut to the periphery itself, there is no need for additional trimmers anymore.














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