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get a customised offer

get a customised offer

Products resistant to all weather conditions

made from 100% recyclable materials

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Pasternak Sikora Sp. z o.o.

ul. Plac Kilińskiego 1

32-660 Chełmek, POLAND



tel. +48 798 653 048

e-mail: biuro@gardenplast.pl



Accounting Department:


tel. +48 884 899 120

e-mail: finanse@gardenplast.pl

Sales Department – EXPORT:


tel. +48 507 491 410

tel. +48 333 003 340


e-mail: export@gardenplast.pl

e-mail: office@gardenplast.eu

Sales Department – Poland:


tel. +48 572 105 185

e-mail: handlowy@gardenplast.pl


logo 100% recyclable

innovative solutions for gardening


Our products are made of the highest quality raw materials for the production of plastics.


Thanks to this, our products are highly resistant to weather conditions.


of the best raw materials

GardenPlast is a recognized Polish producer of a wide range of products dedicated to the agricultural and horticultural industry.


He has permanently entered the market as the originator of unique solutions, proven and appreciated by both professionals and gardening enthusiasts.